Committed to helping leaders and their teams to show up authentically, Jo unlocks people’s potential and performance by improving their levels of hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism – or what researchers describe as ‘psychological capital’.

Fusing her 30 years of learning and development experience in workplaces of all sizes and backgrounds with a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, Jo activates and amplifies your training results by ensuring her approach meets the unique needs of your organization. After all, ensuring the transfer of learning that shifts mindsets and behaviors across a system is wired within Jo’s DNA.

A master of bespoke design and thought provoking and candid facilitation, Jo teaches leaders and their teams how to have appreciative coaching conversations that leverage people’s strengths, develop more meaningful and productive relationships, and to create opportunities for themselves and others to flourish.

She particularly loves that ‘a-ha’ moment when people see others as “an infinite source of possibility” rather than “problems to be fixed”.

Where Jo Has Spoken:

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What People Say About JO:

  • “You've always been so generous in your concern for my development and well-being. So important to have that as a first time CEO. It's been an absolute privilege to have taken the seven-year journey alongside you."


  • “I am glad I attended. Jo Murray was very engaging and one of the best facilitators”

    Participant Toll Group

  • “So practical and I can apply straight away – thank you”

    Participant High Performance Coaching program, Reckitt Benckiser

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Jo’s Vital Statistics:


Masters in Applied Positive Psychology

Master of Business (Performance Management thesis)

Bachelor of Arts degree, Graduate Diploma in Business (majoring in Organisational Development) and Certificate IV in Business Coaching


30 years of business and consulting experience with groups at all levels, in all industries and large, medium and small workplaces. Board directorships for over 10 years




TMS instruments

SPQ Gold™


Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute

Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

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