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Can You Put Your Strengths To Work?

Do you have the chance to do what you do best each day at work? In this workshop you’ll learn how to identify and develop your own strengths – those you underplay and overplay - and help others do the same.You’ll also discover how to create a daily 11-minute strengths development habit you can use to generate a surge of confidence, energy and productivity in workplaces.

Improving Your Resilience & Wellbeing

Have you given your people have a practical, evidence-based roadmap for flourishing at work? Building on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA theory of wellbeing your teams will walk away from this workshop with busy-proof practices to improve their resilience, their relationships and their ability to accomplish the things that matter most to them.

What Kind Of Leader Will You Be?

The beliefs, mindsets, and habits of leaders have been found to directly impact team performance, customer satisfaction and bottom-line profitability. In this workshop,you’ll discover the five evidence-based steps to becoming a “positive leader” who can confidently bring out the best in themselves and others by developing people’s strengths, creating a culture of trust, and improving resilience and grit.

Closing The Confidence Gap

When it comes to confidence sometimes we have it, and sometimes we don’t. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to consistently turn your thoughts into action and finally make peace with self-doubt. Together we’ll discover your strengths, challenge the fears that hold you back, and leverage the practice of self-compassion so you always have the courage and confidence to act.

Do You Have Enough Grit?

With challenge and uncertainty the new normal at work, do your people have the necessary grit to thrive? In this workshop you’ll discover how to cultivate the passion and perseverance to accomplish the goals that matter most by practicing a growth mindset, challenging the fears that hold you back and learning how to manage stress.

Can a Simple Question Change Your Life?

The great writer and philosopher Voltaire once said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Perhaps he knew what researchers have since discovered, that every action we take is preceded by a question. And yet, most of us remain so focused on all the things we have to get done each day we’re not even aware of the questions that are driving us. If you want to help people create real change – in their own life or across your workplace – studies suggest teaching them to ask questions that look for the true, the good and the possible is the best place to start.