Can a Simple Question Change Your Life?

The great writer and philosopher Voltaire once said, “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” Perhaps he knew what researchers have since discovered, that every action we take is preceded by a question. And yet, most of us remain so focused on all the things we have to get done each day we’re not even aware of the questions that are driving us.

If you want to help people create real change – in their own life or across your workplace – studies suggest teaching them to ask questions that look for the true, the good and the possible is the best place to start. So in this workshop your team will discover:

icon-lightbulb-green How every action we take is preceded by a question and why change starts with the first question you ask.
icon-note-green The four simple questions from Appreciative Inquiry that you can use to ignite lasting change in your life, your team and your organization.
icon-clock-green Tested, practical tools to help you envision the future you want, map the pathways forward and drive immediate action and accountability.

Based on the latest research in positive psychology and neuroscience delivered in a manner that is easy-to-digest (and fully referenced), highly engaging and experiential and with practical steps people can immediately apply, this teaching can be delivered as:

  • A 60 or 90-minute keynote presentation
  • A half-day workshop
  • A series (3 x 2 hour presentations) that includes built-in coaching and accountability to deliver lasting change.

You can have as many people as you wish attend the sessions, at no additional cost.

All presentation materials created are yours to keep and use internally as you wish. A digital playbook containing a summary of the research, recommended tools and all the workshop activities is provided for all participants to help them take their learning forward after the session.

  • "Michelle's energy and vision lift everyone around her. She is a high-quality person and I recommend her fully."

    Professor David Cooperrider Founder of Appreciative Inquiry

  • "Michelle is a dynamic and engaging and confident speaker who translated complex information into everyday language and stimulated a lot of discussion among our 1,700 delegates."

    Beth Phelan Happiness & Its Causes

  • "Michelle delivered interesting, practical and relevant information with clarity, professionalism and class. The feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive."

    Carmen Aitken Convener, Dynamic Growth Conference