Can You Put Your Strengths To Work?

Do you have the chance to do what you do best each day at work? The truth is most of us struggle to name our strengths – those things we’re good at and actually enjoy doing at work – and even when we figure it out we struggle to find the time to do more of what we do best each day. But doesn’t that sound just a little crazy? More than a decade of research suggests people who regularly develop their strengths are more confident, energized and engaged in their jobs. So what will it take for you to pull this off? In this workshop you’ll:

icon-lightbulb-green Discover what your strengths are and how you can avoid overplaying, underplaying and colliding your strengths with others – and just exactly what this means for your weaknesses.
icon-note-green Get clear on what a strengths-fuelled future could look like and the on-the-job opportunities, coaching and mentoring or training that might make this easier.
icon-clock-green Create a daily 11-minute strengths development habit that research suggests can make even the busiest of days better.

Based on the latest research in positive psychology and neuroscience delivered in a manner that is easy-to-digest (and fully referenced), highly engaging and experiential and with practical steps people can immediately apply, this teaching can be delivered as:

  • A 60 or 90-minute keynote presentation
  • A half-day workshop
  • A series (3 x 2 hour presentations) that includes built-in coaching and accountability to deliver lasting change.

You can have as many people as you wish attend the sessions, at no additional cost.

All presentation materials created are yours to keep and use internally as you wish. A digital playbook containing a summary of the research, recommended tools and all the workshop activities is provided for all participants to help them take their learning forward after the session.


  • "Michelle is a global leader in using the VIA Survey to boost growth and productivity."

    Neal Mayerson Founder, VIA Institute

  • "Michelle's passion for the subject, deep subject matter expertise and boundless energy and enthusiasm left our managers hungry for more and eager to implement what they had learnt."

    Anna Phillips Culture and Change Leader, Global Technology Company

  • "It sounds dramatic to say Michelle’s sessions on strengths have changed my life, but they really have. Since her training there has even been a tangible uplift in performance over the last month."

    Tessa Cason Bank Branch Manager, NAB