Closing The Confidence Gap

Confidence. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. We all want it for ourselves, especially in those moments when it is clearly lacking, yet even some of the most successful women in the world struggle with it. When we don’t feel confident, we hesitate, we hold ourselves back and ultimately, we undermine our success. But knowing what to do to instil confidence is misunderstood, and many women lack the blueprint needed to get more confidence and keep it so they can create the careers and lives in which they can thrive.In this workshop you’ll walk away being able to:

icon-lightbulb-green Challenge the beliefs and mindsets that fill you with self-doubt so you can lower your stress levels and have the courage to do what matters most to you at work.
icon-note-green Identify your unique strengths – those things you like doing and are good at – and practical ways you can apply them each day at work to boost your energy and effectiveness.
icon-clock-green Have the confidence to show up and lead up authentically without having to pretend you’re someone you’re not.

Based on the latest research in positive psychology and neuroscience delivered in a manner that is easy-to-digest (and fully referenced), highly engaging and experiential and with practical steps people can immediately apply, this teaching can be delivered as:

  • A 60 or 90-minute keynote presentation
  • A half-day workshop
  • A series (3 x 2 hour presentations) that includes built-in coaching and accountability to deliver lasting change.

You can have as many people as you wish attend the sessions, at no additional cost.

All presentation materials created are yours to keep and use internally as you wish. A digital playbook containing a summary of the research, recommended tools and all the workshop activities is provided for all participants to help them take their learning forward after the session.

  • "Michelle’s warm and centered energy permeates her every interaction and you cannot help being drawn to know more. Her sessions on strengths and thriving regularly sell out and change lives."

    Tarren Hocking Sustaining Women in Business Conference

  • "It sounds dramatic to say Michelle’s sessions on strengths have changed my life, but they really have. Since her training there has even been a tangible uplift in performance over the last month."

    Tessa Cason Bank Branch Manager, NAB

  • "Michelle delivers something amazing and on-point every time. She has helped us to create a wave of excitement and practical applications across our business to become a true partner in helping us achieve our vision."

    Melitta Siragusa Learning & Development Manager, NAB