Evidence-based insights into how leaders are supercharging safety, wellbeing, and performance in their teams.


In May 2023 as the “new normal” of work established itself within workplace rhythms and routines, we surveyed 1,003 randomly selected Australian workers who were representative of the Australian workforce – including leaders and team members – to assess their levels of psychosocial (emotional and social) safety, wellbeing, and performance. Below you’ll find snapshots of the uncomfortable truths they shared, and the practical actions workplaces can take to address these challenges and build on their strengths.

About This Study

The Leaders Lab Workplace Survey was first conducted in December 2019. Since then, we have assessed the safety, wellbeing, and performance of 1,000+ randomly selected workers – leaders and team members – each year. To understand the demographic breakdown of the 2023 sample, download the research overview here.

Uncomfortable Truth #1 – Two Out Of Every Three Workers Feel Burnt Out

63.6% of workers reported feeling burned out and that they had felt this way for some time. This had left them feelings emotionally, socially, and physically exhausted. What are the psychosocial hazards these burnt-out workers most often report experiencing? Download the insight to find out.

Uncomfortable Truth #2 – Workers Feeling Burned Out Are Reluctant To Speak Up

Only 10.2% of workers who reported feeling burned out felt safe to speak up at work about the challenges they were facing. In contrast, workers who reported high levels of psychological safety experienced fewer psychosocial hazards. How can we support people’s confidence to speak up quickly when they are struggling at work? Download the insight to find out.

Uncomfortable Truth # 3 – Workplaces Are Struggling To Provide Safety & Care

When people believe that their workplace is ‘caring and safe’ it supercharges wellbeing, psychological safety, engagement, and performance and lowers the risks of burnout and psychosocial (social and emotional) hazards. Unfortunately, the number of workplaces perceived as ‘Caring & Safe’ has halved over the last twelve months dropping from 49.4% in 2022 to 20.7% in 2023. Download the insight to find out why.

Uncomfortable Truth #4 – Leaders Are Struggling & Ready To Quit

Nearly two out of every three leaders (68.8%) report feeling burned out compared to just over half (54.4%) of team members, with 90.9% of these leaders having felt this way for some time or longer. As a result, one in five of these leaders said they intended to quit their jobs in the next six months. The potential ‘leader churn’ this represents poses significant risk and costs for organisations. Download the insight to find out what this means for the psychosocial risks workplaces must navigate now.