We all have the capacity to lead.
We just need to realize it.

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Why two heads are better than one.

We believe that leading others is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities you can be given. But who knew just how hard it could be some days? It’s why we show up each day – to help you navigate complexity, move beyond your fears, lead authentically, and discover how to truly thrive – even in the midst of uncertainty.

Here’s our official story. As best-selling authors, leadership coaches, and playful change activators, Drs. Paige Williams and Michelle McQuaid are passionate about translating cutting-edge research from neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership, and change, into practical strategies that help leaders amplify their thriving mindset and build cultures of care that supercharge wellbeing and performance.

After spending more than twenty years in senior leadership roles around the world and seeing the challenges many leaders face to consistently bring out the best in their teams, we were each curious about what the latest research in human behavior might offer to help leaders supercharge wellbeing and performance. Separately, we each embarked on learning adventures with leading scientists – Michelle completed her Masters In Applied Positive Psychology and her Ph.D. in Positive Systems Change, and Paige completed post-graduate studies in Organizational Change and her Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology. Then we teamed up to tackle our greatest challenge – how could we make the science practical and effective for even the busiest and most challenged leaders?

Highlights of our work:


Michelle climbs public relations ranks and becomes the youngest general manager for a large advertising firm. Along the way, she loses 100 sheep in the middle of Melbourne.


Paige is heading up a ski operation in Europe that spans seven countries, 14 hotels, and 400 staff. Along the way, she narrowly avoids a concussion after an altercation with a ski lift.


Michelle travels the world working for IBM and PwC and becomes global brand director in New York. She realizes most efforts to change people’s behavior get compliance, but rarely commitment.


Paige comes to Australia to lead communications for the Geelong Grammar School. Along the way, she loses a box with her wedding album somewhere across the Atlantic.


Michelle flies from Melbourne to Philly every three weeks to complete a Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree. Along the way, she loses her passport but still manages to convince customs to let her into the country.


Paige helps establish Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School and trains with Martin Seligman to become a Master Trainer. Along the way, she learns that the voices in her head are normal and that she doesn’t have to listen to them.


Michelle joins PwC Australia’s HR team and uses positive psychology to build a thriving firm culture. Along the way, she teaches accountants and auditors the value of being optimistic.


Paige leads the Positive Institution Project at Geelong Grammar and embeds her Ph.D. research within it. Along the way, she sings in a band and runs two half-marathons.


Paige receives her Ph.D. from the Centre for Wellbeing Science at the University of Melbourne.  Along the way, she embraces the benefits of sweating through Bikram Yoga.


Michelle completes her Ph.D. and co-creates The Leaders Lab with Paige to help leaders build cultures of CARE. Along the way, they create a new measure of thriving leadership.


Paige co-creates The Leading to Thrive program with Michelle to help leaders foster mindsets that THRIVE through uncertainty. Along the way, they uncover the AMPlifiers for thriving leaders.


"Michelle's energy and vision lift everyone around her. She is a high-quality person and I recommend her fully."

Professor David Cooperrider

Founder of Appreciative Inquiry

"Michelle is one of the world's leaders in designing and implementing positive psychology interventions to workplaces."

Professor Martin Seligman

Founder of Positive Psychology

"Michelle offers great insights into how your mindset can turn even the most challenging situations into opportunities."

Professor Carol Dweck

Stanford University

"Michelle is a global leader in using the VIA Survey to boost growth and productivity."

Neal Mayerson

Founder, VIA Institute

Leaders are the most powerful leverage point in any system to create positive change.

With more than 20 years of international business leadership experience, my expertise lies in making research real, relevant, and relatable to the work that leaders do every day. I hold post-graduate studies in Organizational Change and Ph.D. in Positive Organizational Psychology from the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Professor Lea Waters.

I continue to research and teach as an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Wellbeing Science and an Associate of Melbourne Business School.

I love to share my work at conferences internationally, publish in academic and non-academic journals, and blog regularly for Psychology Today and Medium.

Designing and delivering practical strategies that amplify wellbeing.

I bring together over two decades of senior leadership experience in small and large organizations around the world, with the latest wellbeing science to design and deliver practical wellbeing strategies. An honorary fellow at Melbourne University’s Centre for Wellbeing Science, I hold a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania with Professor Martin Seligman and a Ph.D. in Creating Positive Change under the supervision of Professor David Cooperrider and have the privilege of constantly playing with the world’s leading wellbeing researchers. I also blog for Psychology Today, host a top-rated podcast, and am privileged to have my work featured in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, The Age, and more because of the creative ways I translate the latest research into easy, everyday actions for individuals, teams, workplaces, schools, and communities.