Discover how to thrive even in the face of uncertainty.

Supercharge the wellbeing and performance of your leaders and their teams.

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  • "Paige crafts the dialogue so seamlessly and her deep knowledge sparks thought-provoking conversations."

    Tonia Tamblyn

  • "The Leaders Lab methodology and the way that they engage our leaders with the content to enable them to construct a plan is highly effective. We've had great feedback from our teams."

    Simon Fitzpatrick Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools - South Central

Make it easier and more effective to lead.

Despite your leaders’ efforts, are they finding:

  • It’s increasingly difficult to navigate the complex, diverse, and dynamic nature of your workplace?
  • It’s almost impossible to keep up with the ever-growing list of management expectations?
  • The constant needs of their team are overwhelming and exhausting?
  • It’s becoming harder and harder to be the leaders they want to be?

Then Leading To Thrive is for your workplace.

Leaders who thrive
show up differently

Unfortunately, the traditional leadership beliefs, skills, and tools most of us have been taught have become obsolete in the face of the ever-changing, dynamic nature of work. These outdated approaches not only make it harder to lead well, but studies have found they are often detrimental to our own and our team’s wellbeing and performance.

Our research, and the decades of research that came before us, has found that it’s not just about what we DO as leaders, but rather how we SHOW UP. And much of that is shaped by our mindsets – the lens through which we see the world – and the role modeling, rituals, and routines we prioritize.

Leading To Thrive includes 8 x 90-minute live workshops with our globally sought-after leadership coaches to put micro-doses of the latest leadership research in your hands to make leading easier and more effective.

Your leaders will discover how to:

  • Let go of outdated leadership beliefs so they can turn uncertainty and disruption to the advantage of themselves and their teams.
  • Get clear and committed on the positive difference and purpose only they and their team can make for others.
  • Create a culture of care with easy and effective routines, rituals, and role modelling that enhance people’s performance and wellbeing.
  • Learn how to coach positive behavior changes so they can bring out the best in people.

Best of all, we’ll give your leaders everything you need to immediately apply what they’re learning – including a leader’s toolbox – and we’ll coach them through each step so they stay accountable for realizing the desired changes.


Leading To

Personal Leading To
Thrive Survey Report
to help them to assess
their leadership strengths.

Toolbox of evidence-based
leadership practices they
can use again and again.

Leadership library of
videos, podcasts and cheat sheets from the world’s leading researchers.

Small group coaching
to help your leaders create
a culture of care for their teams.

How does Leading To Thrive work?

The program is delivered over 8 workshops with live 90-minute classes that can be taught in person or online and are a blend of training and coaching. Your leaders will learn:

WEEK 1: Why Leadership Is Broken
  • What enables leaders to thrive even in the face of uncertainty?
  • What kind of leader do you most want to be?
  • What impact – good and bad – is your current leadership approach having?
WEEK 3: The Three Simple Steps To Being A Thriving Leader
  • Learning to thrive even in complex, dynamic, and challenging workplaces.
  • How the most effective leaders reset expectations.
  • The little questions that have a big impact on leadership wellbeing and performance.
WEEK 4: Your THRIVE Showcase
  • Your showcase of surprising real-world stories of thriving leadership in action.
  • The cautions and caveats as you continue to experiment with thriving mindsets.
  • Sustaining your leadership changes
WEEK 5: The Need For Responsibility & Emotional Wisdom
  • How cultures of responsibility encourage personal accountability and shared ownership to ensure better performance.
  • Why leaders need more than just emotional intelligence, and how emotional wisdom impacts the wellbeing and resilience of their teams.
  • The tiny leadership actions you can take to role model responsibility and emotional wisdom for your team.
WEEK 7: Putting It All Together
  • Assessing the rhythm of your care culture and where it may need fine tuning.
  • How to amplify your leadership abilities by building on what’s working, being honest about where you’re struggling, and adjusting as you keep learning.
WEEK 8: Your Leadership Showcase
  • Your showcase of surprising real-world stories of thriving mindsets and care cultures in action.
  • Learning reflections and next steps.


  • "Leading to Thrive had a real and significant impact for our leaders. The new ideas, practical tools and opportunity for conversations about how to apply them in their unique context and work with other leaders facing the same challenges helped grow their confidence and motivation to try new approaches to leadership practice. In addition, our leaders felt a renewed sense of unity and look forward to building this within the wider team."

    Edwina Ricci Maroondah Positive Education Network, Project Manager

Ready to thrive even in the face of uncertainty?

Join us for the Leading To Thrive Workshops.

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Ready to help your leaders to thrive even in the face of uncertainty?

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What support will you get?

Guiding you through each step is our team of researchers and coaches, including Drs. Paige Williams and Michelle McQuaid, Jo Murray, Anna Glynn, and Steve Romano. Between us, we’ve helped more than 125,000 leaders to spark measurable changes in more than 3,750 workplaces, schools, and communities in over 60 countries.

To help your leaders easily and joyfully navigate their learning experience they will receive:

  • Engaging, energizing, evidence-based, experiential learning – We put the latest science in easy-to-understand and ready-to-apply micro-doses at people’s fingertips.Weekly challenges – They’ll be supported to immediately apply what they learn in the real world to improve their leadership and support their team.
  • An online learning portal packed with bonus resources you can use again and again – Access recordings of all classes, an evidence-based leadership toolbox, and bonus tools from the world’s leading leadership researchers.
  • Leading To Thrive Survey Reports – Each participant will receive a confidential and personalized leadership report to monitor their progress.

Is Leading To Thrive right for your workplace?

Leading To Thrive is right for your leaders if you want to:

  • Translate the latest leadership research into everyday actions that they can stick with to boost their agility and resilience.
  • Be coached step-by-step as they learn how to embrace uncertainty and confidently navigate disruptions.
  • Not add one more thing to a leadership to-do list, and instead leverage the existing routine, rituals, and role modelling happening in your workplace to help your leaders to be more effective.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re sure you’re going to find that Leading To Thrive will be enormously valuable – and we’re willing to back it up with a hassle-free guarantee.

If Leading To Thrive doesn’t give you what you need, just let us know within the first 14 days of the program. If you’ve been doing the work but feel what we’re teaching just isn’t adding value, we’ll send you a full refund.

With this in mind, we do kindly ask that before you enroll, you are fully committed to gifting yourself this time and showing up to support yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll jump on Zoom (an online video conference platform, you can access really easily through your web browser) and spend about 60 minutes together. During this time, we’ll teach you the latest wellbeing science, help you design your own tiny wellbeing challenge, and give you a chance to chat with our wellbeing coaches.

All the calls are recorded so you can catch up as you need, and if you have burning questions, you can submit them in the online forums, at any time, for us to answer.

Don’t worry, the group will be the perfect size so that everyone’s questions can be heard and answered, and you get as much value as possible.

It’s easy to participate in the calls, all you’ll need is

  1. a computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, or smartphone;
  2. a reliable internet connection; and
  3. a web browser (like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome).

We’ll send you clear instructions for joining in on the workshops in our reminder emails.

No, our sessions are planned to be time zone friendly wherever you are in the world. Select your time zone when making your booking.

Absolutely! If the Fast Track program doesn’t give you what you need, and you’ve been showing up and doing the work, just email our support team within 14 days of your purchase. We’ll send you a full, hassle-free refund.

We can help! Don’t hesitate to send me an email at and let us know how we can assist you.