Making Leadership Work

Welcome to Leading To Thrive, a carefully curated podcast series where we translate the latest science into practical tools and actions to amplify the thriving mindsets of leaders and build resilient cultures of care so you can supercharge the wellbeing and performance of your teams, even amidst uncertainty.

Episode #1 – Meg Wheatley

In this episode, Dr. Paige Williams chats with Dr. Meg Wheatley and explores how we can take a more tailored leadership approach, by letting go of traditional models and ways of leading that no longer serve us, and create a more authentic and effective pathway. Meg helps us understand how leaders can adjust their approaches to have a more positive impact on their people and their workplaces.

Episode #2 – Peggy Holman

In this episode, co-founder of The Leaders Lab, Dr. Michelle McQuaid, talks with Dr. Peggy Holman, an author and consultant who employs dialogical practises to turn passivity into participation. Peggy shares the importance of taking a more human-centered approach with your team, by understanding that people don’t work like machines. She helps us understand that organizations are living systems and that people within them need meaningful work and connections in order to consistently do their best work.

Episode #3 – Margaret Heffernan

In this podcast Dr. Michelle McQuaid talks with Dr. Margaret Heffernan, who shares her insights that even the best forecasters can’t accurately plan for more than 150 days – about six months. Margaret explores the difference between complicated and complex systems, and how we can help people to care for their wellbeing as they navigate unpredictable and challenging work.

Episode #4 – Peter Senge

In this episode Dr. Michelle McQuaid explores with Peter Senge how to embrace the uncertainty and complexity of navigating change and unlocking learning in our workplaces. Peter shares insights on how to be more inclusive and effective allies by not needing to be the ‘expert’ and instead inviting different perspectives, experiences, and ideas into conversations.

Episode #5 – Adam Fraser

In this episode, Dr. Paige Williams chats with Dr. Adam Fraser, who shares insights around being more value driven, by reframing your relationship between thriving and struggle. Adam shares how struggle can actually be a benefit to our learning and growth, and guides us through four practical steps we can take to get more comfortable with struggle.

Episode #6 – Dan Cable

In this episode, Dr. Paige Williams chats with Prof. Dan Cable, who shares with us how building a personal highlight reel can be effective in understanding our strengths. Dan shares with us the results of his research on the impact this has for individuals and teams.