The Work Design Toolkit
For Psychosocial Hazards

Give leaders and teams the work design tools they need to supercharge safety, wellbeing, and performance.

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“Easy to use tools that can be put into action straight away.”

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Do your leaders need practical, evidence - based tools they can immediately use to help improve work design challenges in their teams?

Our world - leading team of leaders hip and workplace wellbeing researchers have done the hard work for you by creating a work design toolkit that provides:

Dynamic Job Description Template

Improve lack of role clarity by providing leaders and team members with this easy-to-complete job description template designed to align the "why," "what," and "how" of each person's job and how it will be measured with the organization's vision, strategy, and values. Use the suggested coaching questions to review and revise responsibilities as the context within and around a team continues changing.

Job Demands Journal

Navigate unachievable job demands by using this journal to help team members quickly map out their weekly tasks, estimate time requirements and assess the intensity of physical, emotional, and/or social demands. Use the coaching questions provided to help leaders and team members review the job demands, agree on priorities, and make real-time adjustments to workloads as needed.

Job Crafting Compass

Minimize low job control by equipping team members with this simple compass to help them identify the small actions they are free to take to align their tasks to their strengths. Leaders and team members can use the coaching questions provided to consider how these changes can be incorporated into future job description updates

Recognition Radar & Development Review

Address insufficient reward and recognition by providing leaders with a recognition radar to informally track team members' efforts, highlight impact, and appreciate and develop strengths. Utilize the Development Review for leaders and team members to formally assess efforts and impact, safely unpack successes and challenges, and honestly set learning and development goals.

These done-for-you tools complete with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions are available for you to co-brand or rebrand for your own culture and context – all we ask is that you acknowledge The Leaders Lab as the original source of the material.

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 $797:  For wellbeing champions to use in coaching sessions or incorporate into training.


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 $1,997AUD: For workplaces, schools, or communities to provide unlimited access to leaders and teams.


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