Creating Cultures of Care

Discover the four simple steps to improving team performance and wellbeing.


“The Leaders Lab’s team contributed fantastic insights to our leadership event and were highly engaging for our audience.”

Family Safety Victoria & RMIT University

We all share the same deep psychological needs to be seen, respected, and valued.

It’s why researchers – including us – have repeatedly found that when leaders express genuine CARE for their team, levels of engagement, performance, and wellbeing all improve significantly – especially during times of uncertainty. Yet only 27% of team members report their leaders often create a culture of care.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

  • Why high performing teams have cultures of CARE – Compassion, Appreciation, Responsibility, and Emotional wisdom.
  • How to map your existing CARE routines, rituals, and role modeling that are shaping your team culture and identify potential gaps.
  • Experiment with a simple culture crafting loop you can use to change behavior.

All of your learning is packaged in a digital playbook featuring an evidence-based leadership toolkit to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned. In addition, there are follow-up cheat sheets and podcasts with the world’s leading researchers if you want to dive deeper into the science.

Pricing depends on your delivery format. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide these details for you.

Workshop focus
  • Leadership and Culture.
Delivery format
  • 30-90 minute presentation, in person or virtual.
Bonus resources
  • Workshop slides, playbook, and podcasts are yours to use internally.

Our globally sought wellbeing, leadership, and change workshops package the latest science into highly engaging learning experiences with practical steps that can be immediately applied. Our workshops inspire and teach workplaces, schools, and communities globally how to playfully experiment as they improve their wellbeing, create positive changes, and power up leaders, even amidst uncertainty.

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