Fueling Accountability

Can you improve the accountability of your team?


“Thank you so much for your highly engaging, thought- and discussion-provoking presentation with the Peninsula Principals and Deputies today. The chat over lunch was ongoing and the feedback was so positive.”

St Brendan’s School

How accountable is your team?

Research suggests that the single most influential factor on levels of accountability in teams is their leaders.

When a leader role models personal responsibility and invites ownership, clarifies commitments, and supportively holds people accountable, studies show that teams step up, learning improves, and better outcomes follow.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

  • The surprising factors that create personal accountability and responsibility without having to pull it out of people.
  • How cultures of responsibility encourage personal accountability and shared ownership to deliver better performance and wellbeing.
  • The small everyday actions leaders can take to role model responsibility and embed it in their team routines, rhythms, and rituals.

All of your learning is packaged in a digital playbook featuring an evidence-based leadership toolkit to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned. In addition, there are follow-up cheat sheets and podcasts with the world’s leading researchers if you want to dive deeper into the science.

Pricing depends on your delivery format. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide these details for you.

Workshop focus
  • Leadership and Culture.
Delivery format
  • 30-90 minute presentation, in person or virtual.
Bonus resources
  • Workshop slides, playbook. and podcasts are yours to use internally.

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