The Surprising Truths About Workplace Wellbeing and Why Your Workplace Mental Health Program is Probably a Waste of Money.

If caring for our wellbeing at work was easy, we’d all be thriving, but the truth is many of us are struggling despite the significant investments organisations are making. Why? Because most workplace strategies overlook the simple but surprising truths about what it really takes to care for our wellbeing. In collaboration with AHRI, Pioneera, NeuroPower Group and Growth Faculty, The Wellbeing Lab is excited to announce hot-off-the-research-desk data from more than 1,000 Australian workers, where we’ll explore:
  • Why trying to constantly trying to improve workers’ wellbeing can put workers at risk, and how to more intelligently measure the success of wellbeing investments.
  • Why it is healthy and productive for wellbeing to comprise moments of thriving and struggle and how we can normalise this across workplaces.
  • The biggest psychosocial hazards workers say they are facing right now, and why managing these risks will not be enough to help people be well at work.
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