Evidence-based insights into balancing your workplace wellbeing strategy to protect mental health, respond to burnout, and promote wellbeing.


In May 2023 as the “new normal” of work established itself within workplaces, we surveyed 1,003 randomly selected Australian workers who were representative of the Australian workforce – including leaders and team members – to assess their levels of wellbeing and burnout. Below you’ll find snapshots of the surprising truths they shared, and the practical actions workplaces can take to address these challenges and build on their strengths.

About This Study

The Wellbeing Lab Workplace Survey was first conducted in September 2018. Since then, we have assessed the wellbeing of of 1,000+ randomly selected workers – leaders and team members – each year. To understand the demographic breakdown of the 2023 sample, download the research overview here.

Surprising Truth #1 – The Impact Of Wellbeing & Burnout In Workplaces

While 63.6% of workers reported feeling burned out and that they had felt this way for some time, 62.3% of the same workers report healthy levels of wellbeing. How can this be? Download the insight to find out.

Surprising Truth #2 – The Individual Super Nutrient

We compared the practices workers told us were promoting their wellbeing with those they reported were protecting them from the stressors of burnout. Download the insight to see how your workplace wellbeing strategy is balancing these different needs.

Surprising Truth #3 – How Leaders Are Building Trust

Workers who reported higher levels of trust in their leaders were more likely to report higher levels of five specific leadership wellbeing behaviors. Download the insight to see what built trust and undermined trust when it came to the actions leaders prioritized.

Surprising Truth #4 – Workplace Wellbeing Investments

We uncovered that workplaces who have their wellbeing investments “just right” invest in building particular skills with their leaders and teams and providing specific forms of support. Download the insight to see how your workplace wellbeing investments compare.