Discover how to thrive even during times of struggle.

Get the tiny, evidence-based wellbeing tools that have a big impact.

Join The 8-Week Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series


Make it easier and more effective to care for wellbeing.

Do you want to learn how to help yourself and others to:

  • Measure your wellbeing, even when you’re not sure you’ll like the results.
  • Stress less, even when life is throwing everything at you.
  • Discover your neurological superpowers, even if you’re not sure you have any.
  • Embrace struggle, even when it feels almost impossible.
  • Connect with anyone, even the most challenging of people.
  • Make time for rest and recovery, even when you’re busy.
  • Feel energized and well, even when caring for your wellbeing is challenging.

Then the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series is for you.

From striving to thriving.

Based on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH theory of wellbeing, the program includes live training classes and coaching calls with our globally sought-after coaches to put micro-doses of the latest wellbeing research and tools at your fingertips.

Over 8 x 60-minute classes with our globally sought-after wellbeing coaches you’ll get all the tools, resources and support you need to:

  • Reliably and confidentially measure wellbeing – including levels of thriving and struggle – and create a personal wellbeing plan.
  • Playfully experiment with the latest wellbeing science to discover what works best for you and others when it comes to caring for wellbeing.
  • Design tiny, evidence-based wellbeing habits using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing framework.
  • Create safe wellbeing check-in spaces by asking five simple questions to guide yourself and others through a growth mindset Learning Loop to ensure accountability and self-compassion.



Personal PERMAH
Wellbeing Survey
Report & Plan.

Toolbox of
wellbeing practices.

Wellbeing library of
videos, podcasts
and cheat sheets.

Membership to
global alumni
wellbeing community.

How does the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series work?

Delivered over 8 weeks through a weekly live one-hour class that blends training and coaching, the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series can be delivered virtually or in person from our highly sought-after team of positive psychology and wellbeing researchers and practitioners. You’ll learn:

WEEK 1 – The Surprising Truths About Caring For Wellbeing
  • Why thriving and struggle both shape our wellbeing.
  • How to amplify your ability to care for wellbeing.
  • The easy way to measure wellbeing using The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.
WEEK 3 – How To Harness Your Neurological Superpowers
  • Discovering our strengths – the things we are good at and enjoy doing.
  • Developing our strengths to avoid overplaying and underplaying what we do best.
  • The science of creating tiny wellbeing habits to put our strengths to work.
WEEK 4 – How To Connect With Anyone
  • The power of psychological safety in our relationships.
  • How to reach for curiosity and generosity instead of judgement.
  • Why the simple act of listening positive shapes our relationships.
WEEK 5 – How To Find Meaning In Any Task
  • Why any job can have a positive impact on others.
  • How meaning can be crafted into even the most mundane tasks.
  • The five small ways we can create more meaning in our work and life.
WEEK 7 – The Power of Rest And Recovery
  • The science of rest and recovery and its impact on our health.
  • Why it’s impossible to rest without closing the stress cycle.
  • The tiny rest and recovery behaviors that power up our brain’s default network.
WEEK 8 – How To Care For Our Wellbeing
  • Tiny wellbeing habits showcase.
  • Taking forward what we’ve learned.
  • How to continue playfully experimenting.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

  • "Walking through the PERMAH model of wellbeing and creating simple, memorable approaches during the Wellbeing Fast Tracks helped embed the learning in day-to-day life. The facilitation was excellent, energizing, and fun."

    Justin Simpson SU Victoria CEO

  • "The information and materials are steeped in credible research and focussed on practical application, which allowed rich topics to become easy to absorb. Professional and supportive facilitators, The Wellbeing Lab provides mountains of resources. It’s no wonder The Wellbeing Lab is having such a significant impact."

    Carissa Rash

Ready to thrive even during times of struggle?

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Ready to thrive even during times of struggle?

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What support will you get?

Guiding you through each step is our team of researchers, practitioners and coaches, including Dr. Michelle McQuaid, Danielle Jacobs, Louis Alloro, Michelle Etheve, Beck Melville, Kylie McLerie and Kathy Snyder. Between us, we’ve helped more than 250,000 people to spark measurable changes in more than 4,800 workplaces, schools and communities in over 75 countries.

To help you easily and joyfully navigate your learning experience you will receive:

  • Live, interactive classes for one hour each week − This is your chance to dive deeper into the science and practice, build your skills as you experiment together and design tiny wellbeing habits.
  • PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Reports – You’ll receive a confidential and personalized wellbeing report and tailored wellbeing plan.
  • Pay it forward challenges – You’ll be supported to share and apply what you learn in the real world to help others, while at the same time building your own confidence and capability in applying your new knowledge and putting it into action.
  • An online learning portal packed with bonus resources you can steal (and share) with pride – Stay in touch and up-to-date between classes in our online portal, including recordings of all classes, your evidence-based wellbeing toolbox, bonus tips and tools, and a chat channel.
  • A global and local alumni community – Connect and collaborate with experienced wellbeing practitioners from all over the world.

Are the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series right for me?

The Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series is right for you if you want to:

  • Discover the latest wellbeing research and tools to amplify the wellbeing of yourself and others.
  • Have the evidence-based wellbeing tools and support you need to consistently thrive, even during challenging times.
  • Be part of a like-minded community of people who want to better care for their wellbeing.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re sure you’re going to find the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series will be enormously valuable – and we’re willing to back it up with a hassle-free guarantee.

If the Amplifying Wellbeing & Resilience Series doesn’t give you what you need, just let us know within the first 14 days of the program. Provided you can show us that you’ve been doing the work, but what we’re teaching just isn’t adding value, we’ll send you a full refund.

With this in mind, we do kindly ask that before you enroll, you are fully committed to gifting yourself this time and showing up to support yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll jump on Zoom (an online video conference platform, you can access really easily through your web browser) and spend about 60 minutes together. During this time, we’ll teach you the latest wellbeing science, help you design your own tiny wellbeing challenge, and give you a chance to chat with our wellbeing coaches.
All the calls are recorded so you can catch up as you need, and if you have burning questions, you can submit them in the online forums, at any time, for us to answer.
Don’t worry, the group will be the perfect size so that everyone’s questions can be heard and answered, and you get as much value as possible.
It’s easy to participate in the calls, all you’ll need is
  1. a computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, or smartphone;
  2. a reliable internet connection; and
  3. a web browser (like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome).
We’ll send you clear instructions for joining in on the workshops in our reminder emails.
No, our sessions are planned to be time zone friendly wherever you are in the world. Select your time zone when making your booking.
Absolutely! If the Fast Track program doesn’t give you what you need, and you’ve been showing up and doing the work, just email our support team within 14 days of your purchase. We’ll send you a full, hassle-free refund.
We can help! Don’t hesitate to send me an email at and let us know how we can assist you.