Your Coaching Team

ANNA GLYNN A teacher at Melbourne University’s Centre for Wellbeing Science, Anna excels at distilling the latest science into real world applications people can use to care for their wellbeing. Anna has spent over a decade driving the growth of small to medium businesses from the financial services, property and construction, health, technology and legal industries. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts, a Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology, and a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne. Anna is also a certified Organisational Coach, Mental Health First Aider, and is accredited in the Strengths Profile diagnostic tool.
MICHELLE ETHEVE Michelle specialises in helping people to create purposeful, strengths-based changes at the ‘me’ (individual), ‘we’ (leader and teams), and ‘us’ (workplaces and whole-of school) levels. With a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University, postgraduate studies in Positive Psychology and Education, and experience utilising Appreciative Inquiry and Human-Centred Design, Michelle is able to draw from and blend a variety of perspectives of the human experience to truly help people develop themselves and those they support. Michelle has designed and led wellbeing workshops and appreciative inquiry change experiences for businesses and business communities around the world.
SHIRLEY MOANA DUFF Shirley is a wellbeing advocate and positive psychology enthusiast who excels at creating seamless online spaces where people can learn together. She has a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and is currently completing her Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University. Shirley has trained and coached a diverse range of clients (including government, NFP, corporate, industry and small businesses) to understand core positive psychology, mental health and wellbeing concepts, and then meaningfully bring these to life at an individual, team and organisational level. Shirley is also a certified debriefer for the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.
CHRIS GILDERSLEEVE Chris is a professional coach and facilitator who works with individuals and organisations to secure purposeful and lasting change.  He has a reputation for leading challenging conversations with individuals and groups in a psychologically safe environment that allows them to explore their impediments to change, challenge limiting beliefs, and harness their strengths to move forward and thrive in environments of change and complexity.  He works with leaders, individuals and teams ranging from global corporations, start-ups, small and medium businesses, universities, and government.  Chris is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) and holds a Master of Positive Psychology (University of Melbourne), Master of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching) (U Syd), Master of Business (HRM) (CSU) and Bachelor of Business (U Newcastle). 
CHRIS EGAN Chris is an educator, speaker and coach who is curious about the power of human connection and developing growth cultures that support others to function at their best. Chris has spent the last 25 years supporting schools, educational settings, small businesses in the finance and retail sectors and professional sporting organisations, like Racing Victoria and Essendon Football Club, to grow and develop. Chris holds a Bachelor of Education, Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from Melbourne University, and a Certificate Four in Workplace Training & Assessment. Chris is also an accredited coach/trainer for McREL International and is a certified debriefer for the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.
KIRSTEN MCKENNA A registered provisional psychologist and experienced well-being coach and facilitator. Kirsten has designed wellbeing and performance solutions for small, medium and large-scale businesses in the for-profit and NFP arenas. Kirsten has coached business representatives and developed programs across a wide array of industries including med-tech, government, banking, finance, technology, FMCG and wine. Passionate about positive change and impact, Kirsten encourages individuals to foster a growth mindset and apply a new lens to their self-leadership profile. With an excess of 20 years international corporate experience, along with extensive experience in leadership and personal development, Kirsten brings a unique outlook on sustainably achieving peak performance and leading well. Her warm nature and pragmatic approach enable Kirsten to develop an authentic connection with each of her clients. Kirsten also holds accreditations in Education, Strengths Profiler, Neuroleadership and Mental Toughness.
LAURICE TEMPLE Laurice is an experienced project manager and well-established business consultant, facilitator, coach, speaker and director. Her consultancy specialises in business improvement and strategic leadership initiatives, with wellbeing as the foundation. She specialises in building trusting and safe workplace cultures focusing on human skills. Laurice draws from her broad range of education, professional experiences, and directorships to assist her clients in aligning their key strengths, priorities and goals to realise greater performance at individual, team and organisational levels. Laurice is a past Ministerial Council member for the Small Business Ministerial Council Victoria.
LINDA ROWLEY A positive psychology interventionist, workplace wellbeing facilitator and coach, Linda is known for facilitating environments of trust and collaboration (even amongst groups with diverse perspectives) where individuals can codesign and commit to shared wellbeing goals. Linda has a reputation for communicating complex information in ways that are easily digestible and actionable. With an interactive and engaging training and coaching style, Linda supports individuals to bridge the gap from knowing to doing, building capability to take meaningful action to achieve desired outcomes. Linda’s expertise is working with small to medium workplaces within the government and NFP sectors to assist in setting clearer goals, gaining greater focus, and designing targeted activities to improve wellbeing outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.
EMMA BAILEY Emma works with diverse clients across the globe looking to enhance and promote wellbeing for their employees and organizations. She has worked on all stages of creating wellbeing initiatives and projects from initial design through to delivery and evaluation. Emma loves to build connections and help her clients continue to grow and learn to help enhance their own wellbeing along the way. Emma has a Masters in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Windsor and is a certified debriefer for the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.
BECK MELVILLE Beck is an experienced facilitator with an enviable knack for drawing out the curiosity, creativity, and courage that exists each of us to ensure the evidence-based practices she shares can have a measurable impact. Beck completed her Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology at Melbourne University. Beck has provided mental wellbeing workshops and coaching to small business representatives from a diverse range of industries (aviation, arts, medical, IT, construction and more). Based on the success of her work through The Small Business Fair, she was asked to partner with the Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business to create a series of small business wellbeing videos for their digital portal which Beck as intimately involved in.
LOUIS ALLORO Louis helps individuals, teams, and businesses to learn the mental, emotional and social skills they need not just to cope, but to adapt, innovate and thrive even in the midst of uncertainty. After starting his career as a school teacher, Louis completed his Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently completing his PhD in the School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University. Louis has trained and coached a diverse range of clients (including government, NFP, corporate, industry and small businesses) to understand core positive psychology, mental health and wellbeing concepts, and then meaningfully bring these to life at individual, team and organisational level.
NAOMI HILL As a Wellbeing Education specialist, Naomi gets up each day to create and deliver inspiring, playful, and deeply human learning experiences designed to boost wellbeing at every step. A mental health advocate, Naomi has worked directly with some of the most at-risk populations, as well as training the staff that serve them, incorporating key positive psychology elements into the recovery process. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in both Australia and France, an LA-based Professional Acting Degree, and her Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Melbourne, Naomi draws from diverse cultural perspectives, fields of study, and lived experience, marrying art and science to create the most joyful, memorable, and meaningful learning experience.
SIAN MERTENS Sian combines her depth of corporate experience with her knowledge of coaching psychology bringing a unique perspective to facilitated sessions. With over eighteen years of experience in Human Resources and Organisational Development, combined with her Master of Science Coaching Psychology, Sian has built high performance cultures, driven employee engagement and led organisational restructuring across the industrial, manufacturing and FMCG sectors. Sian is passionate about the application of evidence-based positive psychology methods and frameworks which will often involve noticing and shifting mindset, challenging assumptions, broadening perspectives, and assisting to provide a deeper understanding of the system in which you are operating.