How Will We: Implement & Evaluate Our Impact Projects? – Design Form

  • Drawing on:
    • The success factors you’ve discovered;
    • The higher ground you’ve dreamed of (grab your emailed story from our last lesson);
    • And remembering that tiny is mighty and that you only have until August 31st to complete your mental wellbeing projects and your final results report for the department…
    how might you make your hopes for helping workplaces to care for wellbeing a reality?

  • (You’ll be able to add more “How might we …?” questions later, so just pick the one that is top of mind for you right now.)
  • (You can ask others to add to these ideas later.)
  • (You can choose a different idea later if you decide this is not the best approach.)
  • (As you test this approach you can build or edit these steps later if needed.)
  • (As you test this approach you can add to these obstacles later if needed.)
  • We will send you a copy of your submission.