• 2020 was a truly extraordinary year that took the interpretation of terms such as ‘agile’ and ‘resilience’ to a whole new level. 2021 has finally arrived, and perhaps you’re feeling cautiously hopeful that better times are ahead for yourself, your family, and your library and its community. If anything, this virus is showing us just how much work there is to do to heal. At MCLS, we have been wondering: how do we help libraries and communities heal and grow forward?

    One thing is for sure: there is absolutely no need to put your wellbeing at risk and burn yourself out as you continue doing your best to lead and support others, when you can have guidance and support helping you and those in your library community thrive even in the face of ongoing turbulence, uncertainty, disappointment, depression or worse.

    MCLS has partnered with The Wellbeing Lab to support up to 21 Indiana libraries in increasing their wellbeing literacy and apply what they are learning back within their library community.

    Applications due March 15, 2021

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