Series Intro: Can you Inspire Positive Change in Your Community?

In this series intro, Kathy Snyder provides an overview of Making Positive Psychology for Communities as a vehicle for change in the Midland Region of central Michigan, USA. Kathy is the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition Coordinator, and is on a quest to coordinate collective impact in the region.

Episode 1: Can Taking 10 Minutes Improve Your Community’s Wellbeing?

In this episode, we find out how Joslyn Chulski’s team impact became a force for change within workplaces around Midland County, Michigan, through just 10 minutes wellbeing practice for work teams per day.

Episode 2: Can Curiosity Help You Be A Better Leader?

In this episode, John Searles, Superintendent at the Midland County ESA, shares with us how his curiosity helped him be a better leader and improve the feedback, social connection and ways of working for the teachers in his district.

Episode 3: Can Fighting Loneliness Help Improve Our Health?

In this episode, Kathy Dollard, Director for Behavioral Health at MidMichigan Health System, shares how she partnered with a nurse manager to combat loneliness in the health system by triggering a process in 211.

Episode 4: Can ‘Wise Circles’ Improve Wellbeing?

In this episode, Beverly chats with Kimberly Houston, who shares how she used PERMAH to improve the wellbeing of community leaders.

Episode 5: How Can You Create a Ripple Effect of Change?

In this episode, Bev talks with Mayor of Midland, Maureen Donker, who shares what sparked her curiosity in positive psychology and how her leadership helped establish the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition, now in its fourth year.

Episode 6: Can You Share Your Wellbeing With Others?

In this episode, Louis chats with Keri Kenney, whose personal growth story and passion for positive psychology and yoga saw her bring mindful meditation to an often forgotten about part of a community.