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  • “The access to cutting-edge research, global experts, high-quality materials, training, and support has allowed me to grow my business and support individuals and organizations.”

    Kylie McLerie Director, Collective Culture Consultancy

  • “A true business opportunity to embrace and hang-on-for-the-ride with the Michelle McQuaid Team. It’s what you’re prepared to make of it, with only your own imagination as a limitation. Thoroughly recommended as the business opportunity of a lifetime.”

    Leonie Hallam Director, Wellness and Happiness

  • “Bundling years of Corporate HR experience with being a Wellbeing Lab Licensee gave us the tools, the confidence, and the support  backed by years of research and science to show businesses that this is a necessity to have a thriving and productive workforce.”

    Awareness Co.

  • “It would take such a lot of time and effort for any of us to research, build, and finesse workshops to the same standard and magnificence that The Wellbeing Lab provides. Our time can now be spent on building our businesses and tailoring the content (where necessary) for the specific needs of the client.”

    Sian Mertens MDM Talent Management

  • “Being a part of The Wellbeing Lab community has opened the doors to an authentic and passionate global network. If you are a passionate facilitator or coach and want to include wellbeing in your portfolio, this is a perfect investment for you.”

    Laurice and Ros Ripple Affect Institute

Make it easier and more effective to sell your wellbeing services.

If you would like to:

  • Supercharge your brand by working alongside one of the world’s foremost wellbeing leaders.
  • Win more opportunities to help workplaces, schools, communities, and people to thrive, even in challenging times.
  • Save yourself months of hard work by having credible, effective, and beautifully-designed, wellbeing workshop content that makes a measurable difference.
  • Free yourself from the stories keeping your business stuck with one-on-one and group coaching from leaders who have built a thriving wellbeing business.
  • • Stop going it alone by being part of a generous, supportive best-practice community of people, just like you, who are growing their wellbeing businesses.

Then becoming a Wellbeing Lab Licensee is for you.

We can help you thrive, even amidst struggle.

We’re so glad you’re here. Our evidence-based programs, toolkits, and research help build thriving workplaces, flourishing schools, stronger communities, and healthier lives all around the world.

As a benefit-led organization, we’re committed to making the science of wellbeing accessible, effective, and affordable for as many people as possible. But there is so much need for this work that we can’t do it alone.

Since 2019, the best of our tried, tested, and globally-trusted work has been licensed to a select group of hand-picked practitioners and coaches to help their clients build the following:

  • Shared language – Spark more wellbeing conversations using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH Wellbeing Theory to create a common language that’s easy to remember.
  • Shared measures – Provide real-time wellbeing feedback with The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey so people, teams, and workplaces can track their progress.
  • Shared behaviors and tools – Build tailored, evidence-based wellbeing toolboxes with The Wellbeing Lab’s playful and actionable workshops and programs that help people thrive, even in challenging times.
  • Shared support – Ensure ongoing accountability, learning, and growth using The Wellbeing Lab’s group-coaching tools to create psychologically-safe spaces.


A licensee of The
Wellbeing Lab branding.

PERMAH Wellbeing
Survey Accreditation.

Wellbeing Workshop
Library you can co-brand.

Done-For-You Marketing
and Sales tools.

Business coaching.

Membership to a
best-practice community.

How does being a Licensee work?

Over 12 months, Michelle McQuaid and our team of highly-sought-after marketing, sales, and technology experts use our online Licensee portal to make sure you have everything you need:

Done-For-You Workshops

Complete with done-for-you sales proposals, co-branded slides, co-branded playbook, follow-up resources, and facilitator training tools. Just add your logo, and you’re ready to go.

  • Your Wellbeing Blueprint Keynote (20-30 minutes – valued at $2,000)
  • Six Ways To Wellbeing Workshop (60-90 minutes – valued at $4,000)
  • Wellbeing and Resilience Workshop Series (3 x 3.5 hours – valued $15,000)
  • Creating Positive Changes Workshop (1 day – valued at $12,000)
  • New content every two months (e.g., Creating Tiny Wellbeing Habits)
  • PERMAH Wellbeing Survey individual and organizational debrief guides
Sales and Marketing Support

Quickly boost your brand credibility and visibility and win more work using our done-for-you sales and marketing tools that have made The Wellbeing Lab so successful.

  • “A Licensee of The Wellbeing Lab” branding for your website and materials
  • The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey accreditation branding
  • Your business listed on and
  • Our sales map and tools to make winning business easier
  • Example sale proposals that have won us thousands of dollars of work
  • The Wellbeing Lab eBook for list-building on your own website
  • “98% of our participants at the University of Melbourne have said they would recommend the Wellbeing Labs workshops to their peers, and 91% are confident they could apply the knowledge and skills they learned.”

  • “92% of the Wellbeing Labs workshops for our global Xero leadership program have rated the resources provided highly.”

  • “The Wellbeing Labs workshops are consistently our highest-rated sessions in the ANZ Bank women’s leadership program. It is why we invite Michelle and her team back year after year.”

Ready to help people thrive more consistently?

Join us for the Certificate In Creating Wellbeing.

CLICK HERE to Book For The Southern Hemisphere
Starting 17 April 2021

Southern Hemisphere Starting 17 April 2021



per person




per person



10% discount

for bookings of five people or more


CLICK HERE to Book For The Northern Hemisphere
Starting 20 April 2021

Northern Hemisphere Starting 20 April 2021



per person




per person



10% discount

for bookings of five people or more


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Ready to supercharge your wellbeing business?

Our most successful licensees have:

  • A Masters of Applied Positive Psychology or equivalent qualification;
  • A passion for facilitation and coaching, and demonstrable experience;
  • At least three years working in organizations, schools, or communities.

Licensees receive all the support listed above for an annual fee of AUD$12,000 (check the conversion rate here). You can pay the fee upfront, or we can organize a quarterly or monthly payment plan for you.

Still got questions? You can watch a sneak peek behind the scenes of joining The Wellbeing Lab here.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re sure you’re going to find the Certificate In Creating Wellbeing enormously valuable – and we’re willing to back it up with a hassle-free guarantee.

If the Certificate doesn’t give you what you need, just let us know within the first 14 days of the program. Provided you can show us that you’ve been doing the work, but what we’re teaching just isn’t adding value, we’ll send you a full refund.

With this in mind, we do kindly ask that before you enroll, you are fully committed to gifting yourself this time and showing up to support yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the calls are recorded so you can catch up as you need and if you have burning questions, you can submit them in the Slack chat channel at any time for us to answer.
Each cohort has up to 30 participants. Don’t worry; the group will be the perfect size so everyone’s questions can be heard and answered, and so that you get as much value as possible.
1. A computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, or smartphone 2. A reliable internet connection 3. A web browser (like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome) We’ll send you clear instructions for joining the workshops in our reminder emails.
We can help!  Don’t hesitate to send us an email at and let us know what you are curious about.
If you are having issues with completing the payment it may be that your bank is blocking international transactions. Please contact your bank to clear the transaction. Please note, we do not accept AMEX as a form of credit card payment. If you still need assistance, please contact
The primary teacher in the northern hemisphere is Kathy Synder.
The full class and dates for the northern hemisphere dates can be found here.
Absolutely. We’ll cover enough of the research and applied strategies so you have just what you need.
We will be running the certificate at a later date, if you’d like to join the waiting list, please email and we’ll be in touch with future options.