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PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Certification


This workshop was a much-needed antidote to the helplessness that many of our people are feeling right now and I know many members of our team are already putting this content into practice. Thank you.

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At Mayerson Academy, we are not only committed to helping other organizations create great workplace cultures, we also are constantly working to make sure our culture helps employees be at their best every day. A crucial piece of this is measuring and monitor ing employee and organizational wellbeing using The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey. This tool from The Wellbeing Lab gives staff the ability to manage their own experience and gives us the insight to create the organizational structures to foster high workplace wellbeing

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We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our people who found the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey beneficial, informative, and useful in supporting overall wellbeing. The Wellbeing Lab team is highly professional, resourceful, and knowledgeable and more importantly, always had a positive and fun approach, which always makes working with them an enjoyable process.

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Backed by science, immediately actionable, and taking less than five minutes to complete, The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey is used by people all over the world to reliably and confidentially measure their wellbeing.

Originally created by Drs. Peggy Kern and Michelle McQuaid, the survey provides organizations with a personalized report that assesses a de-identified, aggregated view of their people’s:

  • States of wellbeing (levels of thriving and struggle)
  • Wellbeing AMPlifiers (levels of wellbeing ability, motivation, and psychological safety)
  • Individual, team, and organizational PERMAH factors (levels of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, and health)
  • Organizational wellbeing nutrients (levels of diversity and inclusion, belonging, competence, autonomy, resources, and physical safety)
  • Workplace outcomes (engagement, satisfaction, and performance)

While the organizational reports are easy to understand, leaders often want to talk to a wellbeing expert to dive deeper into their findings. As a result, hundreds of organizational debriefs have been provided to workplaces all over the world. If you’d like to be able to safely and confidently provide this service to your clients then this certification is for you.

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How The Certification Works

The certification has been carefully designed to give you the teaching, tools, coaching, and support you need to pass your final assessment.



6 Hours Self-Managed Online
(unless previously completed)

  • Watch, listen to, or read The PERMAH Training Series
    (6 x 60-minute modules) and complete The PERMAH Quiz.

DAY 1 – 4 Hours Live Class

AEDT – Tue 15th Nov 7am – 11am
PST – Mon 14th Nov 12pm – 4pm
EST – Mon 14th Nov 3pm – 7pm
GMT – Mon 14th Nov 8pm – 12am
+ 1 hour preparation homework

The Surprising Truths About Measuring Organizational Wellbeing

  • The science that shaped The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.
  • The reliability and validity of the organizational measures.
  • The limitations and cautions, and how we keep learning.
  • The ethical considerations in workplaces.

DAY 2 – 3 Hours Live Class

AEDT – Wed 16th Nov 7am – 10am
PST – Tue 15th Nov 12pm – 3pm
EST – Tue 15th Nov 3pm – 6pm
GMT – Tue 15th Nov 8pm – 11pm
+ 1 hour preparation homework

DAY 3 – 3 Hours Live Class

AEDT – Thur 17th Nov 7am – 10am
PST – Wed 16th Nov 12pm – 3pm
EST – Wed 16th Nov 3pm – 6pm
GMT – Wed 16th Nov 8pm – 11pm

Debriefing The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey

  • How The PERMAH Wellbeing Survey for organizations works in practical terms.
  • Watching a live organizational survey debrief unfold.
  • Experimenting with debriefs (you will have 2 x 45-minute opportunities to practice debriefing a classmate).
  • Debrief feedback and questions.


2 Hours Live or Pre-Recorded
At Time Of Your Choosing

Your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Assessment

  • Complete 2 x 45-minute debriefs for assessment.

Best suited for
  • Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • HR Teams

Training Dates
  • Ask our team about upcoming dates.

Bonus Resources
  • PERMAH Organizational Coaching Guide.

Ready to take the next step?

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