• In 2018 a wellbeing taskforce was formed to coordinate creating more wellbeing in the Midland, MI Region. The taskforce consists of a diverse group local leaders passionate about this work. To date, the taskforce has raised funds from local foundations to offset the cost of the course for local participants.

    Applications will be considered based on need and ideas for greater impact. Awards will be given on a rolling basis until spots are filled.

    Awardees are expected to successfully complete the course and actively participate on the wellbeing taskforce for 12 months following the course from June 2020-June 2021. If these requirements are not met, you may be asked to pay back the scholarship.

    Thank you!

    The Wellbeing Lab Team


  • Please Note:

    You may be contacted by a member of the scholarship selection committee to further discuss this application.

    If you have multiple participants from the same organization — or an entire organization that wants to fill a cohort (up to 40 participants) please contact us at cert@thewellbeinglab.com!

    For any additional considerations of options not listed here, please contact Mayor Maureen Donker mdonker@midland-mi.org