Developing Your
Neurological Superpowers

Tame your feelings of overwhelm by developing your strengths – those things you’re good at and enjoy doing – so you can feel more engaged, energized, and happy at work.


"The team loved the practicality and structure of the strengths workshop as it allowed them to embed their learning. Participants felt confident to immediately apply their new strengths skills in the workplace."

Celia Burrows

Program Manager, SuperFriend

"91% of participants were confident they could apply the knowledge and skills they learned."

Melbourne University Leadership Program

Your strengths – the things you like doing and are good at – represent the way your brain is designed to perform at its best.

Unfortunately, even when we know what our strengths are, most of us struggle to develop these superpowers in ways that make it easier, more effective, and much more enjoyable to tackle our daily tasks.

In this workshop we’ll:

  • Discover what your top five neurological superpowers are using the free VIA Character Survey.
  • Learn how to avoid overplaying and underplaying what you do best so you can put your strengths to work in ways that are good for you and for others.
  • Uncover a small daily hack that helps you align your strengths to your daily tasks.

All of your learning is packaged in a digital playbook featuring an evidence-based wellbeing measure and tools to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned. In addition, there are follow-up cheat sheets and podcasts with the world’s leading researchers if you want to dive deeper into the science.

Pricing depends on your delivery format. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide these details for you.

Workshop focus
  • Resilience and performance.
Delivery options
  • 30-90 minute presentation, in person or virtual.
Bonus resources
  • Workshop slides, playbook, and podcasts are yours to use internally.

Our globally sought wellbeing, leadership, and change workshops package the latest science into highly engaging learning experiences with practical steps that can be immediately applied. Our workshops inspire and teach workplaces, schools, and communities globally how to playfully experiment as they improve their wellbeing, create positive changes, and power up leaders, even amidst uncertainty.

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