Building Psychological
Safety At Work

Supercharge inclusion, belonging, and trust by creating psychological safety for yourself and others.


“All participants indicated they found this session incredibly helpful.”

Michigan Medicine

"91% of participants were confident they could apply the knowledge and skills they learned."

Melbourne University Leadership Program

Psychological safety is the feeling of confidence you experience with others when you trust they will not shame, reject, or punish you.

Studies suggest that psychological safety is one of the key differentiators of high-performing teams and that it positively impacts your levels of wellbeing. But to be sustained it needs to be experienced at the levels of me (individual), we (team), and us (workplace).

In this workshop we’ll:

  • Discover the three simple questions that can enable you to feel safe in almost any situation at work.
  • Uncover the beliefs that can make even the best working relationships come unstuck, and how teams can be more curious, compassionate, and accountable as they work together.
  • Learn how to respectfully and effectively help your workplace balance the many – and sometimes competing – requests they have of you and your team to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

All of your learning is packaged in a digital playbook featuring an evidence-based wellbeing measure and tools to help you immediately apply what you’ve learned. In addition, there are follow-up cheat sheets and podcasts with the world’s leading researchers if you want to dive deeper into the science.

Pricing depends on your delivery format. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide these details for you.

Workshop focus
  • Resilience and performance.
Delivery options
  • 30-90 minute presentation, in person or virtual.
Bonus resources
  • Workshop slides, playbook, and podcasts are yours to use internally.

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