Tools - Wellbeing Conversations

Wellbeing Check-In Conversation
Create psychological safe spaces for people to share what's working well, where they are struggling, and what they are learning about caring for their wellbeing.
Teaming With Strengths Toolbox
Help people to discover, develop and deploy their strengths - the things they are good at and enjoy doing - using the activity guides and posters for the VIA Character Strengths Survey, Clifton Strengths, or any other strengths assessment tool.
Cultivating Grit Toolbox
Build people's resilience and grit with these engaging and energizing activities to fuel growth mindsets, reach for self-compassion, find purpose, boost prosocial emotions, and avoid stupid grit.
Psychological Safety Toolbox
Help people to untangle their relationships and build trust with these step-by-step instructions to open up conversations and design practices to be honest, get curious, ask appreciative questions, conquer incivility, be generous and grow from failure together.