Tools - PERMAH Wellbeing Survey


Guide individuals, teams and groups through their free PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results by helping them to reflect on the insights they’ve uncovered and what this might mean for how they can better support their own and each other’s wellbeing.

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Of course, the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey is not the only tool you can use to measure wellbeing, it is simply one example. When considering a wellbeing measure please:

  • ASSESS THE VALIDITY OF THE MEASURE: Is it replicated? Has it been peer-reviewed?
  • UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MEASURED: What data will it give you? How will this data help you track the desired outcomes over time?
  • REVIEW THE LANGUAGE USED IN THE MEASURE: Will the language be easily understood by the people you want to have use the measure?
  • BE CLEAR ON THE VALUE OF THE MEASURE: Survey fatigue has become an increasing challenge as people often don’t see the results of their efforts for some time, if at all. What’s in it for the people who will spend their time and energy entering the data?
  • CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE LENGTH AND FORMAT: The shorter your survey and the easier it is for people to access (e.g., available in different languages, online, pen-and-paper, via interviews), the more people you will have complete the survey.

Additional measures you may want to explore:

  • WorkWell’s Wellbeing Insights Survey (from WorkSafe)
    The Survey is designed to assess the culture and psychological safety of workplaces against 11 work-related factors that influence work-related psychological stress and identify areas for improvement. The target users are employers (employer/manager responsible for OHS, Health Promotion and Human Resources in the workplace) and workers (18 years and over).
  • The Five Ways To Wellbeing Quiz
    Workplace Wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to how workers feel about their work, their working environment, the climate at work, and work organization. The aim of measures for workplace well-being is to complement OSH measures to make sure workers are safe, healthy, satisfied, and engaged at work.
  • Friday Pulse
    Friday Pulse gives employees a voice by asking them to rate their experience of work, and share their weekly successes and frustrations. This allows senior leaders to know what’s happening and take meaningful action.
  • Welcoa
    Complete our 150-question checklist and discover what your organization needs to implement a successful wellness program fit for your employees.
  • Build Your Own Survey – 100 Employee wellness survey questions
    Pick and choose the questions that will give the best insights for your team.