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Want To Create Lasting Change?

Given seventy per cent of change projects fail in organizations, many of us have come to believe that people hate change and will resist it at all costs. But what if this belief was wrong?

Professor David Cooperrider from Case Western University, who is one of the world’s leading change researchers and practitioners has spent the past 30 years exploring ways to create lasting positive changes in people and systems through a simple set of tools known as Appreciative Inquiry. With David’s help these tools have been used around the globe to:

  • Help grow the United Nations Global Compact for sustainability from 1500 to over 8000 of the world’s largest organizations.
  • Improve energy efficiency across Massachusetts, delivering nearly $9 billion in benefits for residents and businesses.
  • Bring together the world’s religious leaders to unite more than 7 million people of different faiths to help build a better world.

As a result David’s most recent research suggests that we’re actually wired to delight and thrill to change. So why do so many of our change efforts go wrong? Discover my a-ha moment from my conversation with David in this short video.

Or listen to my full podcast with David.

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