Ripple Affect Institute

Rosalyn Duck

Sowing seeds of kindness, strength, hope, and purpose: you name it, that’s what drives Rosalyn. We all have moments every day where we can have a positive impact on others. Growing these moments and using our own, unique skill set is what Rosalyn loves to foster. Helping facilitate accomplishment and meaning is part of her innate interest in seeing people thrive mentally and socially.

As a passionate Performing and Visual Arts educator, for over thirty years, Rosalyn has experienced firsthand the benefits and profound impacts of people stepping outside their comfort zone. Her experience in the direction of performances and productions has highlighted the importance of play, accomplishment and wonder.

Rosalyn’s engaging presentation style is borne out of her desire for authenticity in relationships. She enjoys working with people of all ages and a genuine interest and empathy for people and their stories.

Rosalyn’s current studies in the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing extends this, together with her own life experience, into evidence based practice. Rosalyn has teamed up with Laurice to further the Ripple Affect Institute’s depth in the Positive Psychology and Wellbeing offer to our clients.

Rosalyn is a collaborating consultant to the Ripple Affect Institute.

Laurice Temple

Authenticity. Value-Alignment. Wellbeing. Courage. These are some of the words people use when describing Laurice. Laurice has proudly worked in the construction and infrastructure industry most of her career and is now a non-executive board director and founder of her business consultancy, Ripple Affect Institute (RAI). Ripple Affect Institute incorporates “Wellbeing” and positive psychology as a foundation in assisting their clients in co-creating solutions to complex problems in order to flourish. The focus is on ‘positive societal shifts with our clients and community members to further develop their aspirations into purpose-driven, value-aligned and driving more sustainable outcomes that have identifiable and measurable impacts.’

Laurice has a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management, is an accredited Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Project Manager, has a Certificate IV in Front line Project Management and is a graduate of the Australian Institute Company Directors course (GAICD). As the construction industry has the highest suicide rate in Australia, she regards “Wellbeing” as a crucial part of the cultural transformation that needs to happen in the industry and as an overall societal shift.

As a part of her professional career, Laurice has presented to thousands of people and always embodies “wellbeing” and “psychological safety” as consistent themes, which has resonated with her audiences.

Laurice and Rosalyn are ecstatic that the Wellbeing Lab content is now a part of the Ripple Affect Institute programs and to be collaborating together! Through workshops, coaching, retreats, and special events they hope to enable their clients to thrive both at work and in their personal lives, and create positive lasting ripples!

Léonie Hallam

Léonie Hallam is a brilliant people person having worked as a lawyer, risk manager, registered nurse, and silversmith. A strong devotee of positive psychology, Léonie’s incredibly diverse work experience has fueled her creative desire to establish well and flourishing workspaces.
As the Director of Wellness and Happiness, an innovative evidence-based wellness consultancy, Léonie, provides inspired solutions for leaders to motivate and advance the best of business talent. When Léonie is not consulting, she is outdoors walking in nature or indoors creating jewellery pieces. She can be contacted on

Siân Mertens

Siân is a university educated coaching psychologist with close to twenty years’ experience in Human Resources and Organisational Development roles across the industrial, manufacturing and FMCG sectors with strategic HR and change management expertise backed by solid business acumen. Most recently she was head of Talent & Organisational Development for Australia & New Zealand at Kimberly-Clark and prior to this the head of HR for Hasbro Pacific.

She has designed and facilitated talent and leadership development programs, built high performance cultures, driven employee engagement, led organisational restructuring, and partnered with business leaders to drive change and develop and support business strategy.

Siân is pursuing her passion for making development matter by harnessing the untapped potential in those she works with. This often involves a focus on individual and team mindset, improving self-awareness, broadening perspectives, whilst helping the team appreciate and understand the system in which they are operating.

Siân is passionate about the application of evidence-based positive psychology coaching methods and frameworks, and her facilitation and individual coaching practices are founded on these approaches. She is a strong advocate for bringing the human back to leadership; investing in one to one conversations, building relationships and trust, and a focus on wellbeing to assist with navigating change and stress at work and in life.

Siân has a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Psychology from the University of NSW. She is accredited in the use of a range of psychometric assessments including the Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Assessment (MBTI).

Kasey Lloyd

For 15 years Kasey worked in mostly therapeutic settings, as a registered psychologist, counsellor, group facilitator, and case worker. During this time, she constantly encountered high-functioning people who felt ‘blah’ – either unfulfilled, stuck, lost, or languishing. Kasey related to these people, and through researching the best ways to support them (and herself!) she discovered Positive Psychology – the science of optimal functioning and what makes life worth living.

Fascinated, she trotted off to the UK to study with renown researchers and practitioners at University of East London, the world’s first (and currently only) university to offer a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, from which Kasey graduated with Distinction in 2018.

Now, it’s Kasey’s mission to spread the word of Positive Psychology. Through workshops, consulting, and coaching Kasey skilfully combines humour, authenticity, and empathy to assist organisations to enable their leaders and employees to thrive both at work and in their private lives. Kasey wholeheartedly believes that the most valuable assets in any organisation are its people, and with experience in government, non-government, and private sectors, is well-placed to provide actionable, evidence-based strategies to improve wellbeing, boost engagement, and create positive relationships at work.

Nicole Jordan

Nicole is an experienced trainer with over 25 years career experience across numerous industries. With a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) and further qualifications in Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and Mental Health, Nicole has a wealth of knowledge to offer your organisation.

Whilst working in teams and managing staff she discovered a passion for educating the community and more specifically workplaces on the importance of employee mental health & wellbeing. Nicole understands the pressures of balancing work and family, the challenges of presenting as ‘fit for work’ when there are struggles in life and the importance of self-care and optimum wellbeing. Working with organisations on how to improve the psychological safety of their environments and how to train their staff in not just the technical skills of the job, but skills to manage and build their staff wellbeing using evidence based tools is what she loves.

An engaging and adaptable presenter, Nicole delivers training with a positive and realistic approach, adding a splash of humour to have participants at ease and making the training enjoyable. Thrilled to be a licensee of The Wellbeing Lab, Nicole would love to meet with you to design the best fit training to support the wellbeing of your team.

Danielle Jacobs

Danielle is a registered Psychologist, flourishing leadership and well being specialist, speaker, trainer and coach.

When she is not volunteering with her rescue Labrador Henry at Palliative Care and nursing homes she spends her time using evidence based organisational scholarship and positive psychology practices within organisations across the country to help their people flourish, improve their mental and physical health and achieve peak performance, at the individual, team and organisational level.

Day to day she runs a variety of c-suite, team and organisational workshops and masterclasses to enable and extend practices that embed high impact individual, team and organisational flourishing & team cohesion. She also leads (for Australasia) the delivery of world renowned and high impact Potentialife leadership development program (the brain child of Harvard Universities positive psychology guru Dr Tal Ben Shahar), administers psychometric tests and coaches leaders (emotional intelligence specialty).

Danielle is an Assoc. MAPS, Affiliate member of APS College of Organisational Psychologists and has extensive combined leadership, executive and senior executive experience, working in a variety of fields (medium to large businesses/government departments & not for profits), on high profile and innovative projects.