With a passion for exploring what underpins a positive workplace culture where people can flourish, Kylie works with individuals, organizations and educational facilities to unpack how culture and wellbeing can be mapped, tracked and enhanced. She has carved a long and diverse career in educational leadership spanning many roles in both primary and adult learning and is recognized throughout Western Australia for her dynamic leadership skills. Fueled by genuine connections and by always being her authentic self, Kylie has a facilitation and coaching style that resonates with people. Kylie is the Director of Collective Culture Consultancy who work to ensure that workforce cultures are strengths based, employee driven and where people feel supported to thrive.


Co-founders of the Awareness Co, Anna and Kristy’s mission is simple: by connecting individuals to what truly motivates and matters to them and translating this learning into action, they provide them with lifelong skills to enhance their performance and support their wellbeing. Along with their 20 years + Senior HR Leadership experience, organizational change experience, and wellbeing expertise their specialisations include, leadership and management development, emotional intelligence, communication and connection, teamwork and development, change management and building holistic wellbeing and resilience.

Ripple Affect Institute

With the highest rate of suicide in Australia, the construction industry is at the core of Laurice’s wellbeing work, transforming it from the inside-out as part of a broader societal shift towards thriving. With over 30 years’ of global construction/infrastructure project management, Laurice is a board director, consultant, speaker and owner of The Ripple Affect Institute (RAI) who delivers purpose-driven, value-aligned, sustainable and measurable solutions to complex problems that enable flourishing.

Léonie Hallam

A certified ‘people person’ and Jill of many trades, Léonie has worked as a lawyer, risk manager, registered nurse, and silversmith. As the Director of Wellness and Happiness, an innovative evidence-based wellness consultancy, Léonie provides inspired solutions for leaders to motivate and advance their best business talent to establish truly flourishing workspaces.

Siân Mertens

Passionate about ‘making development matter’ and evidence-based in all that she does, Siân leverages the very best in positive psychology coaching theory to design and facilitate talent and leadership development programs, build high performance cultures, drive employee engagement, lead organizational restructuring, and partner with business leaders to drive change and develop and support business strategy. Siân is a university educated coaching psychologist with close to twenty years’ experience in Human Resources and Organisational Development roles.

Nicole Jordan

Nicole is passionate about working with organizations to improve the psychological safety of their environments, believing that every organization has a duty to not only educate employees in the technical parts of their role, but to provide practical evidence-based skills to maintain and improve their wellbeing for life. With a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) further qualifications in Positive Psychology, Wellbeing and Mental Health, and experience across a diverse array of industries, Nicole understands the vital importance of self-care and wellbeing skills to be able to navigate the pressures of work, family and the inevitable struggles of life.