Your Wellbeing Blueprint:
Feeling Good & Doing Well
At Work

Your evidence-based blueprint for caring for wellbeing, even in the midst of struggle. 

Tiny Actions. Big Impact.

Are you longing for an evidence-based approach to consistently feel good and function more effectively at work?  Do you need busy-proof practices to help you more confidently navigate the lows and highs we all experience?   

Your Wellbeing Blueprint distils three decades of research findings and reveals practical ways to build your wellbeing through your everyday activities so you can feel good and do well at work. Just like a personal trainer can help you improve your physical fitness, this book will show you how to: 

Measure Your Wellbeing 

Step on Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing scale to quickly and confidential assess which wellbeing activities are most likely to be the most effective for you. 

Your Wellbeing Blueprint

Create A Personal Plan 

Get clear on your wellbeing hopes and set realistic goals to care for your wellbeing, even when work and life are challenging. 

Your Wellbeing Blueprint

Design Tiny Wellbeing Habits 

Choose from more than 100 evidence-based wellbeing practices and design tiny daily habits you can stick with and enjoy doing. 

Your Wellbeing Blueprint

This book gives you everything you need to become an informed, confident, and active steward of your own wellbeing so you can wholeheartedly show up and be fully engaged in life — whatever it throws at you.  


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